Jayanata Fashion Show & Bazaar

End of the year is always an exciting beginning to usher new opportunities. Jayanata decided to make it triple with Jayanata Year End Celebration.

Travel across space and time with “Yves Saint Laurent Photo Exhibition : Birth of A Legend” to become a witness as legendary Yves Saint Laurent paved his fashion empire foundation in his debut.

Exotic and electric vibes was truly felt in “Azur – Exotic – Electric Fashion Show”. The catwalk was adorned with masterpieces from numerous designers, such as Amelia Jang, Jessica Loelianto, Karla Jasmina, Sissae Qipao, Jeany Rumoei, Tinara Bridal, and Vania Justine.

And, the Jayanata Fashion Bazaar was also a great opportunity to be face-to-face with the designers collection. Of course, it was also an opportunity to bring the masterpieces home for your private fashion collection.


Location:Jayanata Beauty Plaza
Event Organizer: Project Art Plus