JOURNEY / Independence Day Celebration - "It's a Jolly Day!"

Independence Day Celebration - "It's a Jolly Day!"


“Bermain Berbagi untuk Sesama” – IT’S A JOLLY-DAY!

Written by Dea Natasha

Who says that event planners don’t like to party themselves? We do! 

We had a virtual party to celebrate the 76th Independence Day of Indonesia, where everyone could join and have fun. Initially, we wanted to reminisce the memories of our childhood where we used to play games with our neighbors; sack race, crackers eating, etc. So in order to bring back these fun memories and to ignite the spirit and pride as Indonesian, we decided to play these games virtually.

We played two games for this event; ball catching and sack racing via Instagram filter. It was exciting to watch our crews, partners, and even clients competitively played the games to earn the highest score! By playing these games, we also gathered donation for people who got impacted by the pandemic.

 People just needed to play the game and mentioned us @projectartplus. Every point gained from the games would be accumulated and each point was worth IDR 500. Man, the enthusiasm was amazing—more than 100 accounts played within a day! On this warm occasion of giving and sharing to others in need, we also would like to express our biggest gratitude to one of our clients, family of Mr. W & Mrs. F, who decided to be one of the main donors for this event.  

Eventually, we successfully raised funds which were then donated to others by purchasing 2000 pax of meals from small street vendors around. We proceeded to distribute these meals to workers we met on streets; newspaper deliveryman, online bike drivers, garbage collectors, and many more, in some areas in Surabaya. 

It was a totally jolly day. Our hearts were full of warm feelings once we finished this charity event. Once again, thanks guys for ‘partying’ with us!