JOURNEY / Season of Gifting ‘22: ‘Tis the season of love and warmth!

Season of Gifting ‘22: ‘Tis the season of love and warmth!

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” - Mother Teresa

The year of 2022 has been a huge blessing for us at Project Art Plus. Entrusting and satisfied clients, supportive vendors, loving friends and families–overall, it has been a year full of wonderful memories. We are, day by day, humbled by the experience and recognition that we have got.

Therefore to wrap up the year with a heartfelt closure, we celebrated it by arranging a charity event for our little angels from Ada Hari Esok and Karya Kasih Mother Theresa orphanages. These lovely kids deserved love and happiness as much as we did, and we were determined to give them good memories that they could reminisce about. Our closest people also took parts of the event as they donated precious stuff for the kids. Our deepest gratitude for them–you know who you are.

We took them to dine at a restaurant and to play with a claw machine, where they could grab a doll to bring home. Their giggles and witty smiles absolutely made our hearts feel warm. We could not express this by words, but the moment our little brothers and sisters from Karya Kasih Mother Theresa took the stage and performed four worship songs, we were totally moved and couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. Such talented little fellas! We were sure that everyone in the room loved the heartwarming performance.

To enhance the experience, we invited Gaby from Lime Studio who taught the children about resin craftsmanship. Our hope is that one day they could create something valuable from utilizing practical skills. For the infants, we accompanied them to wrap and decorate gifts. Despite the early age, they were very enthusiastic about the activities and attentive to their caregivers. We were impressed by the bond between them.

The wholesome moment was wrapped up by handing the gifts from our kind donors and friends to these precious kids. Every gift was completed with heartfelt notes.

Aside from the event, we were also grateful to be able to share some toys and clothes for our little friends at Rumah Sejati Orphanage. Our sincere gratitude went for Mr. Benny Wibisono and Mrs. Sanny Ikawati, who generously helped us to donate daily needs to Bhakti Luhur Orphanage.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported this occasion, and truly believed that the love and happiness would multiply, and become blessings for others. May this season of gifting be with you!